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San Diego Air Quality Testing

A Better Home Inspection has been caring for San Diego and Southern California homes since 1988 with our air quality testing services. We prioritize the safety of our clients and their families. Air quality testing services are crucial because they are used to determine the presence of harmful airborne pollutants such as mold. They should be conducted in properties of all ages to protect those who are living in the home.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Exposure to mold and other airborne pollutants can severely impact your health. A Better Home Inspection inspectors use the newest technologies to check if your home is a healthy and safe environment to live in. To conduct a thorough air quality testing, we test both the interior and the exterior of your home to determine if there are any harmful materials present. 

All of our inspectors:

  • Receive certified air quality testing training 
  • Use the latest specialized technology for accurate results in a timely manner
  • Have extensive knowledge of safe air quality levels
  • Have extensive experience of conducting air quality testing


One of the main ways to keep a healthy home is by addressing air quality concerns before they become severe. Some of these harmful materials can easily do damage to a person’s health in a small amount of time, so it is best to request an air quality test to be on the safe side. Trust A Better Home Inspection to assist you with maintaining a healthy home and family through professional air quality testing. 

Air Quality Testing in San Diego and Southern California

A Better Home Inspection is happy to protect the health of San Diego and Southern California homes. We are passionate about helping our clients to create the healthiest and safest environment in their home. Call us at (760) 805-1966 or chat with us online to schedule your air quality testing or get a free quote!

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