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Our team is prepared to assist you to move into your brand-new house with a Corona home inspection!

Purchasing a new dwelling is a great moment. Allow our staff at A Better Home Inspection free you to concentrate on getting your loved ones prepared for the new home. We will take the nervousness out of your acquisition with an in-depth Corona home inspection!

Starting in 1998, our experts at A Better Home Inspection have delivered intensive home inspections for the Corona and California communities.

Corona Home Inspection- What We Inspect

At A Better Home Inspection, our Corona home inspections are given by qualified specialists. Here is what our A Better Home Inspection crew will keep an eye out for:

Residential Window & Door Inspections

  • Residential doors: We make sure that the exterior doors close and latch correctly
  • Residential windows: We confirm that the outside gaskets act successfully
  • Garage door: We open the garage door and ensure that the laser sensor functions  effectively

House Siding and Roofing Inspection Services

  • Structural walls: Our home inspection pros inspect that the external walls or other wall coverings are healthy
  • Roof trim: Our professionals verify that the fascia, soffit, and eaves are healthy
  • Roofing sealant: Our professionals inspect that joints in the roof have a weatherproof seal
  • Pavement and walkways: Our professionals look over paths, driveways, and walkways
  • Property drainage review: Our professionals check yard grading, surface water flow, and shrubbery to report any potential water leak issues

HVAC System Inspections

  • Heating & vent system: We turn on the heater to make sure the buttons are working effectively.
  • Cooling system check: We look over the air conditioning unit, to make certain the controls operate correctly.
  • Features check: Our professionals confirm that your AC and heating systems act efficiently.
  • Thermostat review: Our professionals record the location of the thermostat and make certain that the thermostat is acting properly.

Basement, Crawlspace, and Foundation Inspection Services

  • Basements and crawl spaces: Our professionals identify any trace of wooden framework touching with earth.
  • Water leak inspection: Our home inspection pros test any signs of present water intrusion.
  • Foundation and concrete:  We identify any trace of wooden framework contact of foundation shifts, like degradation of drywall cracks, brick cracks, lopsided door frames, and unleveled floors.
  • Structural wood:  Our professionals identify any damage to or penetration of framing wood that might create a structural rigidity concern.

Electrical System Inspection

  • Electric utility meter inspection: Our professionals make certain that your electrical metering and base act effectively.
  • Safety review: We inspect that the electric service is grounded and linked successfully.
  • Protection devices: Our professionals validate that your circuit breakers and fuses are functioning well.
  • Light switches & electrical receptacles:  Our professionals look over a number of switches and fixtures, plus grounded switches.

Plumbing System Inspection Services

  • Water supply controls: Our home inspection pros check that the water main supply shutoff is operating  effectively
  • Water boiler check:  We test the venting, fuel source, and temperature pressure relief valves
  • Indoor water supply review:  Our professionals test all faucets, fixtures, and toilets
  • Drain testing:  Our professionals look over tubs, showers, and sinks for drains functioning  effectively 
  • Sump pumps:  Our professionals look over sump pumps that are accessible

Why Choose A Better Home Inspection for Corona Home Inspection

When you partner with our company of Corona home inspection experts, you can trust us to supply great property inspections on a short timeline.

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