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San Diego Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection can easily help avoid potential hazards at your properties. A Better Home Inspection has been offering electrical inspections with our home inspections for over 30+ years in the San Diego and Southern California area. We are proud to ensure our clients and their families that their homes are a safe environment to live in. 

Professional San Diego and Southern California Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection thoroughly checks a home’s electrical components from the ground wire and outlets to the wiring and fuse box. Our professional inspectors will be able to ensure that the home’s electrical components are working properly. 

An electrical inspection should be considered, especially when:

  • Purchasing a home or commercial property
  • Adding an appliance
  • Owning, buying, or selling a home with recent, major renovation
  • Owning, buying, or selling a home that is at least 40 years old


At A Better Home Inspection, the main goal of our professional electrical inspections is to ensure that all electrical systems meet the proper safety standards. It is important that all electrical systems are properly functioning because an electrical inspection can simply prevent or identify safety hazards, including ones that may cause fires or electrocutions. 

Our thorough electrical inspection covers:

  • Shock & electrocution hazards
  • Light bulb wattage
  • Electrical panel
  • Outdoor electrical systems
  • Proper place & condition of smoke detectors
  • Appropriate surge protection
  • Switch and outlet condition
  • Condition of carbon monoxide detectors


After the electrical inspection, the A Better Home Inspection team will reach out with a detailed report regarding the home’s electrical system in a timely manner.

A Better Home Inspection Electrical Inspections

A proper electrical inspection with A Better Home Inspection is necessary to maintain the safety and well being of not only your home but also your family. Choose us to help you with electrical inspections in San Diego as we have been the leading provider of home inspections for over 30+ years. Schedule your inspection now by calling (760) 805-1966 or using our chat function on our website. We will even give you a free quote!

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