20 Beautiful Bathroom Art Ideas

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If you think artwork is only for spaces like the living room, dining room, and bedroom, think again. Bathroom walls deserve love, too! So if you’ve been putting off the task of hanging up art in the loo, now is the time to get motivated and check this to-do off your list once and for all. Whether you’re looking to hang just one small piece or install a full-on gallery wall, there are so many ways to incorporate prints, paintings, and photographs into your bathroom. You may even already have some pieces on hand that are begging for a little attention and would look excellent next to your sink or across from your bathtub, so you can even shop your own home if you wish.

If you need help determining what types of pieces to display in the bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Below are 20 bathrooms that will inspire you to grab that hammer and get decorating!

Try a Petite Picture

small frame on tile

Tiled bathroom walls? No problem! Even if you can’t directly nail into the wall, you can still hang art using stick-on hooks. Here, a small piece livens up an all-white bathroom

Make Use of a Floating Shelf

art on leaning shelf

Many people have floating or open shelving somewhere in their bathroom, and this can be a great place to display small framed artwork, particularly if you like to change things out often. You can even layer a few different frames for a chic, collected look.

Light It Up With Candle Sconces

candlesticks and framed art in bathroom

How fun are these gold candle holders? Add a touch of glam to your bathroom with an addition like this one. After all, who doesn’t want to bathe by candlelight after a long day? Add in some bright-colored taper candles for a little extra pizzazz.

Say Yes to Something Abstract

abstract art in bathroom

Abstract art continues to have a moment all throughout the home. If you’re crafty, you can even design a piece of your own! Opt to use colors that are already present throughout your bathroom space. Here, a mix of pinks, blues, and yellows complements the surrounding bathroom accessories perfectly.

Score a Vintage Mirror or Frame

mirrors and frames in bathroom

Mirrors and picture frames (even when empty) can double as amazing art pieces. Take a trip to your local thrift store and search for vintage items that stand out to you. We love that this gilded picture frame even doubles as a towel holder!

Fill Space Between the Windows

abstract between windows

If you’ve painted your bathroom walls and want to ensure that the color you selected truly shines, keep your wall art simple. Here, a framed abstract fits between two windows without being distracting.

Look to Nature When Choosing Prints

nature prints above tub

Nature or plant-themed prints are a popular choice in the bathroom. These can be admired from the tub and are ultra-soothing. Purchase a set of two or four to ease the shopping process.

Or Go Big With a Landscape Canvas

large nature piece over tub

This bathtub is positioned right up next to the window, but if you tire of the backyard view, you can always sit back and admire the nature painting on the wall! It almost acts as a second window of sorts.

Give Green Friends Extra Love

hanging plants in bathroom

Love plants? The more, the merrier. Hang some green friends on your bathroom walls to turn the room into a spa-like oasis. It’s like bathing in your own little greenhouse.

Showcase a Love for Exploring

framed maps in bathroom

Showcase your love of travel all throughout the home. Maps are easy to frame, and you can often find vintage ones at thrift stores and flea markets if you’re looking for something extra unique.

Mix in Several Small Works

small framed art above tub

This bathroom already features beautiful wallpaper, but small art pieces liven up the space even more. Don’t hesitate to decorate your bathroom to the max and fill the space with finishing touches like frames, vases, and even a small side table.

Be Bright and Cheerful

cheerful lemon art

Who doesn’t love cheerful lemons? A bright-colored, fruity print will have you feeling jazzed about starting the day. Bring on the vibrant hues!

Go for the Gold

stacked gold frames

When selecting your picture frames, look to the hardware in your bathroom for inspiration. Here, the color gold is incorporated throughout the space, resulting in a clean, cohesive look. The hue also really pops against the wallpaper print.

Be a Bit Sentimental

framed newspaper clipping

If you have a sentimental piece looking for a home, why not place it in the bathroom? Your wall art deserves to be admired, not tucked away in a closet, after all.

Keep It Contemporary

framed heron print

A blue heron print dazzles in this peppy and contemporary bathroom. In addition to hanging wall art, you can always consider switching out a builder-grade mirror for an option that speaks to you—we love this woven piece above the sink.

Show Off Furry Friends

cat and dog print

Give some extra love to your family pets by putting them on display in the bathroom! Custom pet portraits are always a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who has a furry friend in their life.

Go Big or Go Home

gallery wall in bathroom

Love gallery walls? Go ahead and install one in the bathroom! Be sure to include a mixture of pieces, both large and small, to add visual interest to your space. And get creative with what you choose to display: you can create art from playbills, concert tickets, pennants, coasters, and so much more.

Or Scale Down a Bit

gallery wall over toilet

Maybe a full-blown gallery wall isn’t in the cards, but you’re still looking to group a few favorite pieces together in the bathroom. This sweet setup is smaller scale but equally charming.

Make Neutrals Happen

neutral prints

Neutral lovers, this one is for you. There’s no need to go all out with color in the bathroom if you prefer something simpler.

Think Pink

pink and peach abstract art

Have fun with geometric pieces like this one. The pink hues pair wonderfully with the sink basin in this room as well.

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Article written By: Sarah Lyon Published on 1/9/23

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