4 Luxe Design Ideas For an Expensive-Looking Kitchen

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Luxury kitchen with center island

When you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel (or just a small room refresh), all of those luxurious details can quickly add up to an over-budget project. To stay within your goal without sacrificing style, incorporate some kitchen design ideas that look more luxe than their price tags. Sophisticated paint colors, chic cabinet hardware, and a standout backsplash all have the power to transform your cookspace. Here are a few smart ways to design an expensive-looking kitchen.

Choose Luxe Lighting

Oftentimes, outdated light fixtures are one of the first elements to reveal a kitchen’s age. Consider switching out the pendant lights in your kitchen for a modern update, or add accent lights, such as sconces, in a strategic spot. 

Update Appliances

If old-fashioned appliances are setting back your kitchen both in aesthetics and function, consider a much-needed upgrade. To tide you over until a full kitchen remodel, swap out just one big-ticket item, like the refrigerator. This appliance demands a lot of real estate in your kitchen, so a sleek, high-quality refrigerator will elevate the entire room.

To find deals on high-end appliances, consider buying a discounted floor model. Alternatively, search the “scratch and dent” section for appliances that have subtle signs of wear. Just be sure to inspect the unit carefully, inside and out, before buying. 

Switch to Stylish Cabinet Hardware

Think of hardware—drawer pulls, hinges, cabinet knobs—as the jewelry of your kitchen. And just like throwing on a statement necklace, these are the accessories that can instantly add a little shine and glamour to the room. Search for knobs crafted from luxe materials, such as brass and mother of pearl. 

Pro tip: If you’re not planning on replacing or painting the cabinets themselves, look for hardware that matches the holes already in your cabinets (otherwise you’ll have to fill in the holes and re-drill for the new hardware). This is especially important for drawer pulls, so measure carefully before buying.

Brush on an Elegant Paint Color

No matter if you want to make your home look cleaner or feel happier, a fresh coat of paint is the most affordable way to transform the vibe of your space. The same principle holds for making a room more sophisticated. 

Opt for a timeless paint color, like a warm off-white, or introduce some drama with a deep blue-gray hue. 

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