5 Tips from The Home Depot’s Experts to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

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The first day of spring (March 19) is quickly approaching, and with that comes time for spring cleaning, spring gardening, spring weather, and spring pollinators.

But preparing your home, yard, and garden can start to feel daunting—that’s where Home Depot comes in. We got a chance to consult their experts on their top tips to prepare your home for spring.

“Cleaning and organizing the house can enhance mental well-being and inspire healthy habits throughout the season,” Home Depot said in a press release. It added that you can make cleaning much easier—and, dare I say, fun—with the right tools.”

These expert tips will have your home shining and your garden blooming in no time.

Inside Your Home

Start Spring Cleaning

Overhead view of cleaning a concrete floor HERO

The experts at The Home Depot encouraged us to start our spring refreshes by ensuring floors are scrubbed, shiny, and clean. Grab your favorite floor cleaner to make hardwood and laminate floors look shiny and new in no time.

The winter season calls us inside—sometimes, that means we’re facing pesky scuff marks from snow boots to couch scoots. If scuff marks have made their way onto your walls, spring is the perfect time to make sure they’re clean and spiffy, too.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Tools

Person using the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner on tile floor

If you’re looking for a cleaning tool that’s a bit more aggressive, or that can reach the particularly hard-to-reach spots, Home Depot recommends using a powerful soap scrubber, which might be the choice for you. If not, you can use classic handheld scrubbers and sponges to make sure your tile, fiberglass, siding, and walls are as clean as can be.

Don’t Forget to Clean Windows

Cleaning windows and walls

Beyond your walls and floors, spring sunshine is going to be making its way into your home—and you probably want to clear the way. That includes making sure your windows, screens, and glass are spotless.

The Home Depot recommends a spray window and screen cleaner that attaches to your garden hose—this ensures that you don’t have to remove window screens to get all that nasty dirt, grime, winter webs, and built-up off.

In Your Yard

Spring isn’t a time to spend inside, though. Once your house is looking as clean and shiny as you hoped, take a step outside and refresh your outdoor spaces. 

“By focusing on maintaining a happy and healthy lawn early in the spring season, your yard will reward you with greener, stronger grass,” Home Depot said in a press release.

Rebuild Your Lawn

Seeds on lawn
 The Spruce / David Karoki

Spring is a great time to start rebuilding that lawn—this time, even thicker than last year. Grab some grass seed, fertilizer, and soil to really give your greenery some TLC. No matter what products you use, it’s the right season to build up that lawn for a happy green space this summer—without all the patches.

Get Gardening

flower bed design

Finally, spring is famously the season for gardening. From vegetables to flowers, spring is the perfect time to bring pollinators to your yard and grow some new greenery. 

“If you notice any bare spots in your yard that you want to replace with flowerbeds, now is the perfect time to spruce things up,” Home Depot tells us. “You can’t go wrong with bright colors, fresh herbs, and decorative planters.”

It’s true. You can try your hand with annual shrubs with big bright and beautiful blooms or bags of seeds to start the plants off right.

You’ll likely need a bit of mulch, a sprayer to make your hose a bit softer for the more delicate flowers, and weed control to keep your garden full of every plant you want without being overgrown with weeds. 

No matter how you celebrate the change of seasons, from gardening to cleaning and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to spend your time preparing for spring and summer this year.

Article Written By: Christianna Silva; Published in The Spruce 3/13/24

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