Interior Design Trends To Love Right Now

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Even though vaccinations are widespread in the U.S. right now, many people are still spending a lot of time at home. Summer 2021 is likely going to bring some return to normalcy, but it’s probably going to be a slow process. You still want your home to feel like an oasis, and with that goal in mind, the following are some of the biggest interior design trends right now.

Maxed Out Design

Minimalism had its time to shine in the design world, but now we’re turning a corner into what you might want to call maximalism. This means that less is more isn’t holding true, and instead, more is more is a better approach.

It’s easy to see why over-the-top interior design style might be trending right now, following a pandemic. People want things that make them feel happy and uplifted, and that can come in the form of over-the-top interior design style.

This could mean colors, silhouettes, and patterns are all very attention-grabbing.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

You might have thought the days of wallpaper were never coming back, but it’s here now in a big way. Peel and stick wallpaper is great because it gives you the chance to customize your space without the messy glue, and it doesn’t take long to put up. You can even add it to your rental.

Grandma Chic

Grandma style is really just a reference to a love of vintage items right now. Maybe this means florals and antiques, but grandma chic is a style that works well when newer pieces are integrated as well. Other facets of grandma chic style to explore include the use of velvet, toile, and fine china.

There’s a tendency, particularly among new home buyers to want to stop spending money on cheaper items and instead invest in fewer meaningful pieces that are high-quality or curated vintage.

Black Kitchens

White kitchens were a favorite among many homeowners for years, but now black is taking over. A black kitchen is bold but also functional. It’s easier to keep clean, and every little thing isn’t going to show like it does when you do an all-white kitchen.

Black cabinets look modern and sleek, and you have so many options as far as countertop colors and materials, your backsplash and hardware.

Black kitchens can also create a separation between this space and your living area if your home is open concept.

Monochromatic Doors and Trim

It’s a really seamless and beautiful look to make trim, including baseboards, window and door casings, and crown molding the same color as your walls. This could mean all white, or you can even do it with bolder colors.

When a room is all one color it feels high-end and opulent.

Earth Tones

Earth tones tend to come and go as far as popularity in interior design, but they’re certainly in right now. Earth tones include beautiful greens, oranges, and burgundy. They’re rich and grounding, which are two terms you always want to associate with your home.

Quirky Bathrooms

Finally, bathrooms are a good place to  make an impact. You can use a bold color palette or wallpaper, add funky lighting and go out of the ordinary with the vanity you choose. Powder rooms are an especially popular place to do some experimentation with the wilder side of your style.

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Article Written By: Ashley Sutphin, Published in Realty Times 6/13/23

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