Items From the ‘Get It Done Home’ That Will Elevate Your Interior Design

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When decorating a home, there are items that can add to a space, and then there are items that can transform it. For example, a unique ceramic vase can add some necessary shape and texture to a bookshelf display, while the bookshelf itself, depending on its style, can dictate the design story of the entire room. It’s good to have a balance of both complementary and statement pieces in every home—too much of one or the other can lead to your space feeling too dull or too busy. But, if you feel like your home is more on the dull side and missing some personality, it’s worth considering which additions can elevate your interior design.

For some inspiration, we’re pulling some of our favorite items from the 2023 Get It Done Virtual Home. Not every item is a statement piece in the traditional sense, but each item, when selectively styled, can play a major role in transforming your space and bringing more life to your interior design. From graphic tiles to a large artificial tree (just trust us on this one) keep reading for smart decor ideas that will take your home design to the next level.

Patterned Tiles

pink and brown tiles

Just as rugs can complete a room, floor tiles can go one step further to make a space look truly customized and thoughtfully designed. Patterned tiles can make a big impact in any room—and they don’t even need to cover much space. These Aimee Wilder Timewave tiles—which come in 20 colorways—were used to add a splash of personality and color to the entryway of the Get It Done Virtual Home.

Large Art Print

large abstract art print
Large artwork can instantly make a home look more grown-up and expensive—but it can be time-consuming to find a piece that both makes sense for your space and doesn’t completely break the bank. Minted offers a way to buy art from independent artists, with the option to customize the size, frame, finish, and sometimes even the crop and colors, so that you can find a piece that fits your space exactly right. This 54-inch-by-40-inch print by New York-based artist Keren Toledano (which was also featured in the entryway of the Get It Done Virtual Home) adds rich color and an abstract visual element to the space.

Textured Wallpaper

textured grasscloth wallpaper

If your home feels overly flat and one-dimensional, you may not immediately look to the walls as an area of opportunity—but you should. Textured wallpaper can bring more depth to your walls and make the surrounding room feel more decadent. This faux grasscloth wallpaper from Society Social mimic the look and feel of real grasscloth and offers a nature-inspired element, making it perfect for earth-toned palettes and coastal decor alike.

Velvet Throw Pillows

velvet throw pillows

One of the fastest (and most affordable) ways to refresh your interior design is to swap out the pillows. But going with trendy patterns or designs can quickly fade out of style and make your home look dated before you know it. Velvet throw pillows have a timeless quality, and they’re a quick way to add a hint of luxury to your existing decor. These velvet pillow covers by Rejuvenation come in eight colors and three different sizes.

Open Shelving

open shelving

A shelf may not seem like a game-changing design pick, but, in the right context, it can be. The right context: transforming a personality-lacking kitchen with some open shelving. Minimal, modern kitchens tend to hide and cover items, but trends are shifting toward kitchens with a bit more eccentric flair—and more out on display. Open shelving can play a big role in bringing more life to a kitchen, and these floating wood shelves by Rejuvenation are the perfect product for the job.

Artificial Potted Plant

large potted plant

If you’re terrible at keeping plants alive, it’s time to start using artificial plants to your advantage. We’re moving past the idea the that fake plants are tacky, and accepting them for what they can bring to a space: a refreshing element of greenery that will never wilt or turn brown. This large faux olive tree from West Elm can add instant life to a room—even if there is no chlorophyll running through its leaves.

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Article written by: Morgan Noll; Published in Real Simple 4/19/23

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