Paint Colors That Will Make Your Home Feel Cooler

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Spring is finally here and it might be time to give your home a little refresh. There’s no better way to do this than with a fresh coat of paint. As the warmer months approach, you might want to consider cool paint colors that make your space feel a bit breezier (without dialing down the thermostat). This means avoiding warm hues like brown, red, and orange, and opting instead for cool paint colors that make a space feel fresh and airy. Here are the best cooling paint color to consider, according to the design pros.

Thrace, by Graham & Brown

Color expert James Greenwood of Graham & Brown loves the color Thrace for cooling down the home. “Decorating your home to suit your climate is a design theory that’s been around for decades. Especially in warm climates, it’s important to consider colors that will psychologically cool the home. Look to the blue side of the spectrum on the color wheel when designing a cooler space,” he explains.

Cool Britannia, by Graham & Brown

Greenwood also recommends gray shades with a blue undertone, such as Cool Britannia. “Teal and green are also good choices for a bolder statement; these colors reflect heat and create a cooler feeling than other hues.”

For those who prefer neutral hues, Greenwood says to avoid rich neutrals and stick to taupes with gray or blue undertones instead. “Create a sophisticated look paired with other neutrals, and if you want to introduce a stronger color into your scheme, stick to the 80/20 rule,” or the idea of using neutrals for 80 percent of the space, and a bolder accent color for 20 percent of the decor. “Use that accent color sparingly!” he says. “Along with creating a cooler environment, these schemes have the ability to focus our thoughts and create a calming environment.”

Kitchen with blue Rain cabinets by Sherwin-Williams

Rain, by Sherwin-Williams

“Hotter temperatures naturally make us seek out places to cool down, like the beach or a swimming pool. The seasonal changes that attract us to spots associated with refreshing waters and clear blue skies extend to our homes as well,” explains interior designer and HGTV star Shay Holland.

Holland is a fan of Rain by Sherwin-Williams, which she describes as “a tranquil, lighter-toned blue.” She suggests pairing it with cool-toned neutrals and natural materials.

The designer used this color on an episode of HGTV’s Unfinished Business in a home located far from an ocean breeze. “The tranquil blue created a space reminiscent of ocean landscapes. Letting the color set the mood helped avoid any kitschy overtones. Sliding glass doors with full-length drapes in a gauzy material framed a view of the pool. So while this inland home was miles and miles from any shoreline, the final result was a space exuding sophisticated seaside relaxation.”

Gray paint, Burrow by Portola

Burrow, by Portola

According to Jamie Davis, co-founder of Portola Paints, Burrow is a great color to make a space feel cool. “Our paint color should complement the color palette of the decor in your space. When the room contains cool-toned features, you should also embrace that throughout your paint selection. Burrow is a neutral light gray that is perfect for creating a cool space, with undertones of pink and purple.”

Green paint on walls of living room with gray sofa and table lamp

Cap Ferret, by frenchCALIFORNIA x Color Atelier

Guillaume Coutheillas, founder and creative director of frenchCALIFORNIA tells me that Cap Ferret, a color from the brand’s collaboration with Color Atelier, is an ideal shade for a cooling effect. “It is a silvery green with a subtle and soothing feel due to its lightened sage undertones. Blues and greens, among other cool colors, reflect heat and therefore create a cooling effect within a space.”

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Article Written By: Amanda Lauren Published in Real Simple 4/26/23

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