The Top Fall Decorating Trends of 2023

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While gourds and pumpkins make excellent fall decorating staples, designers share a few unexpected ways to welcome this cozy season.

Vibrant mums, autumn leaves, and cooler weather all command a restful ambience, a hallmark of the fall season. So it’s no surprise that the outdoors inspires us to transport a bit of coziness into our interiors each year. And while chunky plaid blankets, pumpkins, and cinnamon-infused candles can help achieve a classic fall aesthetic, why not explore a few new decorating tricks this season?

Whether you’re a traditionalist or not, if you’re eager to set an autumnal mood, we have fall decorating ideas that run the gamut from classic to quirky. We’ve polled pro interior designers who highlight this year’s top fall decorating trends to keep on your radar for 2023.

1. Personalized Color Palettes

While classic autumn hues like red, orange, and yellow never tire, a more refined color palette is gaining popularity this fall. Angela Hamwey, interior designer and owner of Mackenzie & Co., predicts a “neutral aesthetic that is both soft and inviting” will outshine traditional autumnal colors. To achieve this look, embrace a palette reflective of nature by using shades of chocolate brown, mossy green, and caramel. And if creating a fresh color arrangement feels tricky, simply look to the outdoors for a helping hand. As you take in your surroundings, consider more subtle, underlying color nuances to nail down a fall color scheme unique to your taste.

Nancy Evars, interior designer and owner of Evars Collective, suggests adding pops of blue to the mix. “We are loving brown and blue colors paired together, and are so happy to see that people are requesting less and less gray,” says Evars. And while bright tints of blue might not align with seasonal motifs, deeper shades of navy can absolutely fit right in. Thanks to navy’s versatility, it’s a sleek choice for many styles and spaces, and doubles as a neutral backdrop to highlight more vibrant fall colors.

2. Sustainable Textiles

Fall is the perfect time to refresh pillows, throws, and even rugs to make a room feel cozier with more layers and texture, says Evars. But this year, swap out seasonal-specific colors like mustard, burnt sienna, and burgundy with an evergreen collection of neutrals. For example, replace a buffalo check or plaid acrylic throw with a monochromatic wool option. “By keeping sustainability top of mind, we will likely see textiles that are traditionally introduced in the fall, such as velvet, cashmere, and wool, extend beyond the season as designers opt for these elements in neutral colorways,” Hamwey says. This thoughtful approach allows “for an investment in the quality of each item as they have a designated, year-round place in the home,” Hamwey adds.

3. Furniture with Distressed or Dark Finishes

Incorporating darker woods and distressed finishes is essential to evoking an autumnal mood this fall. “Oftentimes, the desire to create a restorative and relaxing environment is heavily embraced in the cooler months,” says Hamwey, adding that this shift in seasons often results in a more layered home. If this resonates with you, look to darker woods and vintage or reclaimed pieces with distressed finishes this year.

4. Return to Formality

Post-pandemic living rebooted our entertaining skills and with this, formal spaces are making a comeback. “After the last few years of using every possible surface as a desk while working from home, people are excited to go back to using their rooms as they were intended,” says Evars. “We see a little more formality again when it comes to entertaining—the fine china, silver, and crystal are being dusted off and used a lot more often now.”

Look to this return to formal spaces as a major fall design opportunity. From big-ticket items like dining chairs and credenzas to smaller design elements like stoneware, table runners, mats, and festive napkin rings, utilize autumn to curate a collection meaningful to you.

5. Statement Glassware

Expect to see more thoughtful, curated tablescapes full of fun, funky glassware this fall. “Keep an eye out for amber or smoke-glass stemware, or clear glass mugs with a pop of color on their handle,” says Yvonne McFadden, owner of Y. McFadden Interiors. Perfect for sipping apple cider or bourbon, whimsical glassware adds an unexpected design element to seasonal decor. “Fall gatherings often have the perfect backdrop for friends and family to take all of the smartphone pictures, and with beautiful glassware in hand, your guests won’t be scrambling to find a place to set down their drink,” says McFadden.

6. Geometric Patterns

Another trend to keep on your radar for 2023 fall decorating is geometric patterns and details. “The eyes on your jack-o’-lantern aren’t the only place you’ll find triangles and other bold geometric shapes,” says McFadden. There are many ways to incorporate these elements into your home, whether through angular chandeliers, patterned Roman shades, or tartan-print throws in unexpected colorways. You can even try upholstering a chair with a windowpane-printed fabric for a more edited take on a favorite classic, suggests McFadden.

Article Written By: Shivani Vyas; Published in Better Home & Gardens 8/10/23

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