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Do I Need A Sewer Scope Inspection?

Did you know that a damaged sewer line costs thousands of dollars to repair? If you’re buying a new home, it’s a good idea to have a sewer scope inspection.

What Is A Sewer Scope?

A sewer scope inspection is an inspection of your sewer line using a flexible borescope camera. The inspector guides the camera into your sewer line and looks for any potential issues.

During the sewer scope inspection, the inspector will look for cracks, damage to the sewer lines, roots that may have grown through the pipe, and any other potential concerns.

Do I Need A Sewer Scope Inspection?

If you’re buying a home, it’s always a good idea to have a sewer scope inspection. Even if you’re not buying a home, having sewer scope inspections done every few years is also a good idea to ensure your sewer pipe is in good condition. A few indications that you probably need a sewer scope inspection include:

  • There are large trees growing near sewer line. As tree roots grow, they can compress and crack sewer lines. Sometimes they even make their way into the line itself.
  • You’re buying or living in an older home. Homes built as late as the 80’s may have clay sewer pipes, which are easily damaged.  Older homes built in the 50’s have Orangeburg Pipe, which is prone to disintegrate and collapse over time.
  • You notice extremely lush patches of grass near the sewer line. This could indicate a pipe leak. Pipes can leak if a joint or fitting is out of place or damaged. Older metal pipes can corrode and break down over time.
  • There’s water backing up inside the house. There’s probably a clog in the pipe.

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