Think Your Brand-New Build Doesn’t Need A Inspection? Think Again!

Think Your Brand-New Build Doesn’t Need A Inspection? Think Again!


Purchasing a newly constructed home & thinking you don’t need to get it inspected? You may want to rethink that. We encourage any buyer to schedule a home inspection, whether with us or another company. And yes, this ALSO includes new construction. Why you ask? Even though it’s brand new & hasn’t been lived in yet, we may find safety hazards or other deficiencies in your home.

Just this week, we inspected 2 upscale properties, both brand new builds and found issues in both homes. Our inspector found an exterior outlet with missing GFCI protection, as well as unsealed firewall penetrations; definitely a safety hazard.

We also discovered other issues such as a cracked main line, inoperable outlets, missing gutters, off track closet doors, doors out of alignment, damaged floorboards, etc. We could go on…

This is why EVERY home needs an inspection! With our team at A Better Home Inspection, we’ve been your neighborhood home inspection company since 1988. Our staff have helped many California homeowners maintain their houses – Please call us at 619-514-4699 and schedule today!

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