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2021 Decorating Trends

What’s In This Season?

Interested in what fad is in this year? Read on…

Comfort & Tradition

Old school is coming back, but this time with a focus on comfort and functional space. The 2021 home decor trends include the introduction of softer curves, comfortable sofas, and overstuffed furniture for unprecedented levels of support. Simple decorative carvings and knotty wood surfaces will be the center of next year’s interior design programs.

Round Shapes

As comfort and function become more relevant than aesthetics, the trend for next year is to bring simple furniture into people’s homes. Choose sofas, armchairs, and tables with a comfortable look and feel.

Bold Wall Colors

Neutral wall tones were trending over the past few years. In 2021, bold colors will become parts of the most up-to-date houses. Adding bold colors to your interior design will create more personality and gives you space to make statements, as well as recreate the atmosphere or many restaurants and hotels.

Bold Colors’ Selection

While it can be fun to paint your walls of a completely different color, 2021 home decor trends take into account the importance of which room you decide to paint and which color you choose. Keep in mind that intense colors in bedrooms can have an impact on your sleep patterns. Choose bold colors for living or dining rooms instead.

Lighter Woods

Light-toned wood will replace darker shades in 2021. The color is easy to add to every home and creates a more modern yet comfortable and cozy look.

Spacy Rooms

Lighter woods also create a sense of being in a bigger room, which is another trend we will see in 2021. Comfort and space go hand in hand. Sometimes, less is more!

The Grandmillenial Style

In 2021 we will see a lot of the so-called “Grandmillenial” style, which combines modern with decor and creates unique vibes for interiors. As mentioned, traditional designs will be on the rise, but so will also the creation of new stiles where contemporary and classic merge in fascinating combination


Another important feature of 2021 home decor trends will be the focus on sustainability. Buying second hand while paying attention to the sourcing of the materials in the design will be essential aspects of next year’s interior design.

The Comeback of the ’80s

Aside from comfort and tradition, another of 2021 home decor trends will be the comeback of the ’80s, especially from second-hand stores, for increased sustainability. Angular shapes, glass, and stone materials will make for a big part of the interior design of 2021 homes.

Contrasting Color Schemes

A perfect way to bring the style of the ’80s into your home will be to use contrasting color schemes such as black and gold or mauves and rose

Natural Look

Materials and natural looks, as opposed to harsh decor, will be the norm in 2021. The choice of materials such as leather, plants, organic fibers, cane, and jute will be central to next year’s interior design trends.

Layering Textures

Layering textures and fabrics in your home will be of great help in creating a cohesive vibe and incorporate different styles. For instance, the combination of wool rugs, jute rugs, and cane chairs is a perfect way to create a cozy yet stylish place.

Naval Color

Among the bold colors that will be trending in 2021, the most popular will be the darker green and blue navy color, proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

Statement Pieces

To elevate any room and add some sophistication to the more traditional design, you can choose to add statement pieces with a simple but luxurious touch.


Grey will be the color of the year, especially when juxtaposed with the bold colors we mentioned earlier. This neutral color is suited to connect tradition with modernity and create elegant spaces.

Face Line Graphic Art

A trend coming from the online world, face line graphic art will be a big thing in interior design in 2021, both in terms of decorations and accessories.

Industrial Interior Design

Another trend that will be big next year will be the industrial style, to take advantage of bigger spaces and create multi-purpose environments.

Arts & Crafts

Embracing the 19th-century movement, 2021 will see a revival of the value of handmade and decorative styles.

Global Influence

In 2021 the combination of earthy color palettes and warm natural textures will be a big thing.

Shabby Chic

To give an unrefined sense of luxury in your house, combine vintage market finds with new contemporary buys. Chandeliers and mirrors that haven’t been perfectly restored and faded fabric will add to the charm.

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