3 Designer Tips for Decorating Empty Corners in Any Bedroom

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Is there an awkward, empty corner in your bedroom that continues to bother you? While rooms certainly shouldn’t be jam-packed with furniture, we understand the desire to make the most of the square footage your bedroom has to offer, particularly if it’s on the smaller side. Maybe you’ve considered a few different ways that you can transform this corner but nothing has felt quite right.

In come the pros with plenty of useful advice. Here, four interior designers weigh in with suggestions for what exactly to do with that empty corner in your bedroom. It turns out that there are several different simple, stylish approaches you can take depending on your needs and aesthetics, and we’re exploring them in detail below.

Place a Chair in the Corner

“I like to envision something that creates height and a sense of comfort,” Julee Wray, the founder of Truss Interiors, says of empty bedroom corners. For Wray, this often means filling a corner with a cozy accent chair and floor lamp.

Taylor Fusco, the founder of Tay Fusco Design, also follows the approach of filling an empty corner with a chair.

“This is a perfect way to add texture, dimension, and comfort while filling the dead space with something functional,” she says. If the corner is too small for a full-sized chair, an ottoman will work just as nicely, the designer adds.

If you have even more space besides a chair, get a bit creative and think about what else you can work into your corner.

Bethany Adams, the founder of Bethany Adams Interiors, likes the idea of setting up a small cocktail station next to your accent chair. 

“Imagine unwinding at the end of an evening, reading a book, and cocktail in hand…what could be better,” she adds.

To bring this look to life, look for a simple, rounded bar cart on wheels. This will help you move it around whenever you need to. Place the bar cart next to your accent chair where it can serve as both a receptacle for cocktail-making supplies as well as a side table. Stock the cart with your favorite drink essentials: liquors, mixers, bar tools, and a couple of elegant glasses to bring the whole look together.

When it’s not being in use, feel free to use it for any gatherings you’re hosting as an additional setup.

Add a Plant to the Corner

If Wray isn’t filling a corner with an accent chair, she’s likely tucking a tall plant in a large planter into the nook.

Jaimee Longo, the founder of The Layered House, also likes to go the route of styling with plants, and will often set one in a corner beside the nightstand, as showcased here. While the idea of bringing a large plant into your home may seem intimidating to some, keep in mind that both real and faux plants are fair game in this instance.

If your corner is adjacent to a window and receives ample sunlight, a live plant may be able to thrive, but if this portion of your bedroom is darker—or you don’t have a green thumb—it can be smart to go the fake plant route. There are plenty of ways to make fake plants look more realistic, so don’t worry too much about your fiddle leaf fig appearing too fake. To go the extra step, set your fake plant in an aesthetic planter to give your room some more detail.

Style a Sculpture

Sculptural objects can look beautiful in the corner of the bedroom, Adams says. That said, don’t think that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a museum-worthy piece to make your corner shine.

Adams explains that it doesn’t have to be intimidating marble or bronze on pedestals. In fact, the sculptural pieces you choose can serve a functional role, too, if you wish.

“These sculptural baskets beautifully fill the corner without overwhelming or dragging down the lightness of the room,” Adams notes.

Other sculptural possibilities include large objects made from paper-mâché, stone, or wood—all of which will add instant texture and dimension to a space.

Article Written By: Sarah Lyon; Published in The Spruce 8/25/23

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