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8 Facts About Mold Everyone Should Know

Worried About Mold?

This article points out 8 facts about mold, some of which many people will not know.

MOLD GROWS UNDETECTED: Most people don’t realize they have a mold problem because it’s hidden! Places of moisture & unknown water leaks can be the most vulnerable to mold growth. Mold can be detected through smell, visual cues & indoor air quality testing.

MOLD SICKNESS IS REAL: Many physicians don’t understand how to accurately diagnose patients with mold sickness. As a result, their patients continue to suffer in misdiagnosis.

MOLD NEEDS LESS THAN 48 HOURS TO BEGIN GROWING: Mold can begin to grow in 24-48 hours, when mold spores are exposed to food, ideal temperature & moisture. It’s necessary to find & eliminate the moisture source so the mold doesn’t return.

STRONG LINK BETWEEN MOLD & SICKNESS: The Institute of Medicine (IOM) found sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory symptoms such as cough & wheezing in otherwise healthy people.

BUILDING MATERIALS PROVIDE FOOD FOR MOLD GROWTH: Food sources for mold include drywall, wallpaper, carpet, ceiling tiles, dirt, dust, fabric, cardboard & insulation. Mold can damage these materials, and in some cases, cause structural damage.

BLACK MOLD: Black Mold is usually associated with Stachybotrys, a type of greenish-black mold caused by water damage. FYI, not all molds that appear to be black are Stachybotrys. There are 10,000 species of mold & the color of mold doesn’t determine if mold is a health concern.

BLEACH DOESN’T KILL MOLD: Bleach stays on the surface & doesn’t kill mold roots. The water content in bleach penetrates these surfaces & FEEDS the mold; this is why a few days later you will notice darker, more concentrated mold growing faster on the bleached area.

MOLD REDUCES REAL ESTATE PROPERTY VALES: Failing to remediate mold & fix the underlying causes of it will lead to reduced property values & potential structural damage.

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