DIY Tips for Dealing with a Clogged Toilet

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Clogged Toilets Are A Pain!

Clogged toilets are a part of everyday life & always seem to happen at the most inopportune time! (Like right before a big holiday get together!) A clogged toilet can flood the bathroom & create a very unpleasant situation. The good news is it can be an easy fix & in most cases, you won’t need to call the plumber. Here are some helpful tips on getting your toilet unclogged.

Step 1: Get your plunger & press it slowly, but firmly, into the toilet bowl. Make sure the plunger covers the hole completely & is submerged in the water.

Step 2: Push the plunger in and out of the bowl vigorously. Repeat this step until the toilet unclogs. BE CAREFUL, as plunging tends to spray water out of the bowl. You might want to place old towels around the base of the toilet to catch any water spray-back.

Step 3: If the plunging drains the bowl, BUT the toilet is still clogged, leave the plunger in the bowl & fill the bowl with water over the top of the plunger bulb. Then plunge again several times until the toilet unclogs.

But What If This Still Doesn’t Work?

Now it’s time for the big guns & you need to get your trusty plumber’s snake!!

Step 1: Insert one end of the snake into the drain. Push it through the bowl drain curves while slowly rotating the handle clockwise until you feel an obstruction.

Step 2: Twist & push the snake until the obstruction clears & water begins to drain.

Step 3: Slowly pull the snake from the drain. You may need to turn it counter-clockwise during removal. It’s best to clean the snake while removing with a rag. Also, be ready to grab the tip to prevent the debris from spraying.

Now you are a toilet plunging expert!!!

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