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Exterior House Trim & Paint Maintenance

Exterior Paint

Most modern homes in the US have low maintenance exterior finishes that don’t require much care & maintenance (stucco, vinyl, cement). However, homes that have painted trim & siding require proper care & maintenance to prevent deterioration of the underlying materials. The cost of re-painting a home is expensive & properly maintaining the painted finish can extend the life of the painted surface.

Painting Tips

Tip 1: Regularly inspect the exterior of the house & ensure that mold or mildew isn’t growing on the surface. A household bleach solution can be used to remove mold growth on the exterior of the house. Just scrub the affected area with 3:1 ratio of water to bleach mixture using a stiff scrub brush to remove the mold & mildew.

Tip 2: You should remove dirt before it permanently embeds itself in the paint. If dust accumulates on the surface, it can discolor the paint & result in formation of mold & mildew. You can apply a low-pressure washer to remove dirt & dust from exterior paint. If dirt has already embedded in the paint, you can use a mild detergent & scrub brush to remove dirt from the surface. If the paint has failed in adhesion, the loose material will fall off as well.

Tip 3: Efflorescence, a white powdery mineral substance, sometimes forms on masonry walls from repeated wetting & drying. You can use a stiff wire brush to remove efflorescence from the wall. Afterwards, apply a latex masonry primer & repaint the area, if needed.

Tip 4: In order to keep a fresh appearance of your exterior paintwork, you can regularly wash it using a commercially available house-wash, per the instructions.

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