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Fire season

In our region, rising temperatures, prolonged drought conditions, and severe weather patterns present us with an ongoing challenge – devastating wildfires. And they can happen any time, for many reasons and become uncontrollable very quickly. As we all know, fire season is year-round, however, late summer into fall are the most dangerous months due to dry winds, low humidity and high temperatures.

Helpful tips

If your community is surrounded by brush, grassland, or forest, follow these instructions to prepare your home and family for potential wildfires.

  • Prepare an emergency kit.
  • Check for and remove any fire hazards in and around your home, such as dried out branches, leaves and debris.
  • Keep a good sprinkler in an accessible location.
  • Learn fire safety techniques and teach them to members of your family.
  • Have fire drills with your family on a regular basis.
  • Have an escape plan so that all members of the family know how to get out of the house quickly and safely.
  • Have an emergency plan so family members can contact each other in case they are separated during an evacuation.
  • Make sure all family members are familiar with the technique of “STOP, DROP, AND ROLL” in case of clothes catching on fire.
  • Make sure all floor and sleeping areas have smoke detectors.
  • Consult with your local fire department about making your home fire-resistant.


If you are on a farm/ranch, sheltering livestock may be the wrong thing to do because a wildfire could trap animals inside, causing them to burn alive. Leaving animals unsheltered is preferable, or if time and personal safety permits, evacuation away from the danger zone should be considered.

Fire prevention

By taking simple fire prevention steps, you will not only protect yourself and your family, but also the firefighters who put their lives at risk to fight wildfires.

Stay safe and remember, if you see a fire, call 911 ASAP!

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