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Lakeside Indoor Air Quality Testing

An air quality test is a must-have part for any real estate deal. And if you’re already a homeowner, analyzing the indoor air quality and VOCs is strongly recommended for your home safety. 

If you are considering an air quality test, give a call to the neighborhood air quality testers at A Better Home Inspection.

With our 23+ years in business years in the air quality trade, it’s no real surprise that we’re the Lakeside area’s favorite air quality testing contractor.

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Many of the most common indoor air quality problems can be confirmed with an inspection completed by A Better Home Inspection. This gives you a chance to have any problems fixed before they turn into health scares. 

Lower repair costs and better peace of mind are made possible when you take action sooner than later.

In the air quality inspection, our inspector will take detailed note of:

  • VOC quantities in your Lakeside property
  • Sources of VOC off-gassing
  • Red flags for mold and mildew

When the inspection is complete, you’ll get a thorough and accurate report from the inspector. It will detail their findings and any suggestions and cost estimates for future repairs.

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