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Pacific Beach Roof Inspection

A roofing inspection is a must-have part of every real estate deal. Even if you already own your house, inspecting the roof is needed for roofing maintenance. If you’re looking into a roof inspection, call the local remodelers from A Better Home Inspection. Proud to have 23+ years in business years in business, it’s no surprise that we are the Pacific Beach area’s sought-after roof inspection contractor.

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Many of the most common roofing issues can be determined with a roof inspection by A Better Home Inspection. This provides you a chance to have any problems treated before they turn into full-blow roofing nightmares. Cheaper repair bills and greater peace of mind are within reach when you take action right away.

During the inspection, our technician will keep a lookout for:

  • Cracked & missing shingles
  • Caving roofline
  • Missing or damaged caulk
  • Red flags for rotten wood or critter activity.
  • Bent or sagging gutters
  • Fractured foundation

When your inspection is done, you will receive a thorough report from our inspector. It will detail our findings in addition to any professional suggestions and cost estimates for future roofing repairs.

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When you need to have a roof inspection, the favorite choice in Pacific Beach is A Better Home Inspection. Since our business was founded in 1998, A Better Home Inspection has been the go-to roofing inspection contractor for Pacific Beach. We have a ton of enthusiastic client reviews that you can view on our website. 

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