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Real Estate Inspections in San Diego 

A Better Home Inspection has been helping homeowners in San Diego and Southern California to make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home since 1988. While the homeowner journey can be stressful, we are here to ease your stress and to comfort you throughout the process.

San Diego and Southern California Pre-Listing Inspections

A pre-listing inspection is conducted before sellers put their home on the market. They can tell sellers crucial information about the condition of their homes, which would help sellers be prepared about the issues that might make potential buyers lose interest. However, with a pre-listing inspection, sellers can be proactive and either be honest about these issues up front or try to repair them before selling the house. 

The advantages of a pre-listing inspection include:

  • It improves the transaction to be more efficient and smoother for the seller.
  • It lets the seller make repairs before listing the home on the market. 
  • It can save the seller money by helping with their negotiating position.
  • It allows the seller to more accurately price their home.
  • It makes the home more marketable, whether there are major issues or not, and enhances property viewings.

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All sellers should request a pre-listing home inspection of their property before they list their home on the market. A Better Home Inspection is committed to helping all sellers, whether they are first-time sellers or not, to get their properties off their hands as easily as possible. We can make our client’s real estate transaction less stressful and threatening with our pre-listing inspections. Be a smart home seller by giving us a call now at (760) 805-1966 or using the chat function on our website. We will even give you a free quote for the pre-listing inspection that you will schedule! 

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