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Home Safety Tips for Our Elderly Loved Ones

How Can We Keep Our Eldery Loved Ones As Safe As Possible?

We loved our eldery loved ones & understand how important it is to make sure they live in a safe environment. Staying safe at home can help your loved one maintain their independence and quality of life. The key to a long, happy life at home is preventing slips & falls, the leading cause of death and serious injury in our senior population. They may have physical ailments, such as muscle weakness, balance & vison problems, post-surgery recovery difficulties, or even side effects from medications that make them more vulnerable to injuries. Other environmental factors can also pose dangers in the home such as poor lightning, loose rugs, objects laying in the floor, lack of stair railings and grab bars in the shower.

What Can We Do?

– Make it easy to call for help & keep emergency numbers handy.- Remove Hazards. Remove any slipping & tripping hazards and keep floors as clutter free as possible.-  Assist with mobility-  Safety-Proof the House-  Protect Against Fire & Other Related Dangers-  Avoid Bathroom Hazards-  Use At-Home Safety Devices-  Encourage Exercise. Harvard Health Publishing suggests that seniors practice simple exercises to improve balance and coordination, reduce falls and strengthen supporting muscles.-  Prevent Poisoning We highly suggest reading “Home Safety for the Elderly” from InterNACHI, which will provide numerous steps in ensuring the safety of your elderly loved ones. Be well & safe everyone!

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