Tips On Fighting Stress

Are You Stressed?

Given everything going on right now and this crazy real estate market, it’s no wonder many of us find ourselves dealing with a lot of stress.

Here are some tips to help reduce stress.

Breathe through your nose: This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system& helps rest, restore & expand the lower lungs.  Breathe into the tension, be open & feel breathe moving in your body.

Get Perspective: Ask yourself “How bad is this really”?  Remember, attitude is everything!

Humor heals: Use humor to put things into perspective.

Analyze your emotions: Try to be aware of what is going on in your body & react appropriately.  Experience the emotions & try to see if they’re worth acting upon, & respond mindfully.

Plan a wise response: Look for solutions that allow you to face bad situations.  Sometimes you cannot change the situation.  Tell yourself “I have no control over anything except how I react.”

Learn resilience: Focus on the positive & learn to bounce back as quickly as possible.

Practice laughing: Call a humorous friend or watch a funny movie when you need a pick-me-up.

Embrace adversity: Rise to the challenge.

Avoid despair: Fight the inclination towards hopelessness, helplessness & defeat.

Make your best effort: Give it your all, then let it go; that’s all you can do.

Accept help: Sometimes we all need to let those who love us who love us help us.  After all, you would do the same for them with a smile!

Exercise away anxiety:  Physical activity stimulates endorphins & regulates your mood.

Keep a regular sleep pattern: Try to go to sleep & wake up around the same time daily.

Schedule a relaxation period: Try soft lightning & calm sounds; focus the mind on a relaxing image or scene, and take slow, deep breaths.

Lastly, when the unexpected hits, get back to basics: You have to remember what really matters in life…count your blessings.

Be well everyone!!

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