10 Things All of the Most Organized Kitchens Have in Common

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While a good deep clean and an organizing session won’t change the design of your kitchen, it will make this space work better for you. When everything is easy to find and meal prep comes together quickly, you’ll love being in your kitchen just a little bit more. After scouting some of the tidiest kitchens around, here are the common organization secrets they all share. Go ahead, borrow these brilliant kitchen storage ideas for your own home.

They make use of vertical space.

Hooks, floating shelves, and hanging baskets get items off your counters and look lovely. While you don’t want the walls to look cluttered, the right kitchens balance open space and opportunities for storage.

They store items where you need them.

Think about how you use your kitchen. What annoys you about its current setup? The tools and appliances you use most often when cooking should be placed within arm’s reach of the stove. Keep less-used items further away. You should never have to cross the kitchen to get something in the middle of cooking.

They keep counters clear.

Not only are clear counters easier to keep clean, but they also make any space look more organized. Keep junk mail, recycling, and other common culprits off your valuable cooking space!

They ditch unnecessary tools and appliances.

That peeler you use all the time? Keep it! But do you really need a banana slicer? If you’re balking at the idea of getting rid of some of your tools, try removing them from the kitchen and see how often you go to grab for them. If it has been more than six months, donate it!

They have an organized spice cabinet.

Nope, that doesn’t mean that they all need to be in labeled matching bottles, but it does mean checking on the reg that they’re not expired, that you haven’t acquired duplicates, and that there aren’t any empties hanging around. Also, however you choose to store them, make sure it’s easy to see what you have. A turntable can really help if you keep them in a cabinet. 

They designate a place for everything.

Designated drawers for tools, dishes, dishtowels, pots, and pans will help ensure that things go back where they belong. Sounds simple, right? But when your partner or kids are helping clean, they can get a little, well, creative with where things go. A clear spot makes it easier to find your whisk the next time you’re looking for it.

They’re clean.

It doesn’t matter how organized a space is, if it’s not clean, you’re going to feel it. Kitchen messes can really sneak up on you, so once a week, do a deeper clean where you check appliances, shelves, walls, and cabinets for drips and gunk.

They use fridge and counter organizers.

Want to change the look and feel of your fridge? Add clear plastic storage bins to group loose items together. They can be used to make snacks more accessible or corral condiments. Other items like turntables, drawer dividers, bins, and baskets will prevent messes and clutter in drawers and cabinets. Check out a few of our favorite kitchen cabinet organizers. 

They recognize the need for open and closed storage.

Open storage helps add personality to your kitchen and keeps some of your most-used items close at hand. Closed storage allows you to tuck things away and reduces visual clutter. Plus, it keeps dishes and glasses less dusty. Use a variety of both open and closed storage to get the benefits of each.

They make use of labels where needed.

Don’t be afraid to bust out a label maker where needed. Again, labels allow others to put things away without reminders or prompting. They work well on fridge storage bins too.

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