7 Designer-Approved Holiday Decorating Trends to Try in Your Own Space

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Christmas is only a few month away, and falling back on the same decor as last year (or even the past five years) is oh-so-boring. Instead, try bringing some new style into your holiday decor. 

We spoke to interior designers about the hottest holiday trends of 2023 so you can decorate accordingly. But remember: There’s no hard-and-fast rules about how to decorate your house for the holidays.  

Jewel toned decorated holiday living room

“Know that there are no mistakes when Christmasing,” says Sheri Fitzgerald, luxury holiday designer and founder of Hold My Eggnog. “Keep it light and fun, and it will be the highlight of every year.”

1. Dark Palettes

Sapphire blue Christmas decor paletteThe SpruceWhile the season is always full of red and green, the colors in 2023 will be deeper, almost jewel-like, with deep emeralds, sapphire blues, and regal purples, says Elizabeth Grace, founder of Dream Home Making. Think of it as a dark academia twist on your holiday decor, with metal accents and deep velvets.“This trend is all about embracing the darker side of festivity, providing a rich and sophisticated contrast to the traditional bright and jolly decor,” says Brandon Yang, designer at Quality Interior Design in Fresno, California.

2. Candy ColorsBlush colored Christmas decorOn the other side of the color spectrum, candy-like pastels are popping up as a new trend. Etsy named this colorway as a must-watch 2023 holiday trend, and Mohammad Ahmed, interior designer and founder of The Home Guidance, is excited to see it take off.“Teal, pink, neon brights, and more are capturing the imagination,” he says. “The fresh take on holiday decorations is not just about making a visual impact; it’s also a nod to individuality and personal expression.”

3. Eco-Conscious Design

Natural Christmas decorations on coffee table in front of white couch “One trend that has been growing steadily over the years, and is expected to dominate 2023 is the shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly decorations,” Yang says. We’re talking reusable advent calendars, recycled gift wrapping, and LED lights with power-saving capabilities. Hand-in-hand with sustainability, sourcing decorations from local artists is another trend that’s been steadily growing in popularity, Grace says. These pieces are easy on the environment and make your holiday decor totally one-of-a-kind.

4. Flocked Trees

Pink pastel Christmas decor with flocked treeThough flocked Christmas trees have been around for years, Fitzgerald says they are especially popular heading into the holidays this year. But if you’re interested in a flocked tree, Fitzgerald says doing your research is of the utmost importance. “A flocked tree is stunning when it’s good quality,” she says. “But when it’s not, it’s quite messy and doesn’t look real.” When choosing a Christmas tree, Fitzgerald says to think of it as an investment—the right tree will serve you well for years.

5. Cozy ScandiMinimal Christmas decorations in white living room with fireplaceSoft knits, faux fur, warm pine; all of these are essential in Scandi design, and the hygge feel is perfect for winter nights by the fire.To get this look, go easy on the red and green. Instead, opt for beiges, whites, and grays. And to really give your home a Scandi glow, Ahmed says, don’t stop at stringing lights on your tree—add them throughout your space.“The cozy Scandinavian trend is all about evoking a sense of warmth and inviting ambiance,” Ahmed says.

6. Extra-Large OrnamentsOversized ornaments on Christmas treeChristmas decor is about thinking big—and in 2023, we mean that literally. “Ornaments are getting larger and larger,” Fitzgerald says. “The larger ornaments give that ‘designer’ feel to any tree. My trick of the trade is to think outside the box with ornaments and use decor that are not technically ornaments. I’ve used lanterns, gift boxes, flowers, signs … it’s a great way to create an original design and make a statement.”But it’s not just ornaments. Grace says to expect oversized nutcrackers and other surprises to bring whimsical touches to this year’s decorations.

7. Get Some High-Tech Helpwhite christmas decor ideasBring your Christmas decor into the 21st century. Yang says technology will be helping us ring in the holidays this year, with features like app-controlled lighting, sound-reactive decorations, and even augmented reality ornaments. Incorporate these high-tech touches throughout your other decor for a fun mix of classic and modern design.

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