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Water Damage Inspections in San Diego and Southern California

Excessive moisture in a property can cause multiple wide-range problems, but it is usually difficult to spot the water damage. Water damage could hide in several places, such as drywall, floors, and the ceilings in your home. However, with a home and water damage inspection from A Better Home Inspection, our inspectors can discover the signs of water damage and excessive moisture.

Water Damage Issues

Water can cause damage worth thousands of dollars to your property whether it damages wood structures, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, or plumbing systems. Water damage can also increase the risk of mold growth since mold thrives in areas with excessive moisture. 

While water damage can have several effects on your home, there are also several causes for water damage, such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, broken pipes, and foundation cracks. There are also natural causes for extensive water damage, including floods, heavy snow, and heavy rain. Despite many causes, most of these moisture-related issues can be solved if they are found early and before there is a lot of damage. A home inspection can save homeowners major financial consequences by detecting the water damage.

Professional Home Inspections in San Diego

A Better Home Inspection offers thorough property inspection services in San Diego and Southern California. Our professional inspectors are trained to use the newest technology to find signs of water damage and excessive moisture in water damage inspections.

In a home inspection, our inspectors will:

  • Search for hidden leaks
  • Check interior plumbing systems
  • Inspect drains and pipes
  • Examine windows and appliances
  • Inspect all HVAC systems
  • Inspect home’s foundation for signs of water damage

Get a Water Damage Inspection with A Better Home Inspection Today

A Better Home Inspection inspectors have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to providing home inspection services in San Diego and Southern California. Rely on us to check your home for any water damage issues and to help prevent any further issues by scheduling an water damage inspection with us today. Call us at (760) 805-1966 or use our chat function online!

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